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What NOT to do if you want to sell your home! | Ashurst Group

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There is always a list of things you want to do to update your house when getting ready to sell it.  BUT there is also a list of things you really should not do if you want to sell it.  These things can really hurt your resale value in the future.

1. Painting the outside a pastel color – this is a no, no.  Although you may think a light shade of pink or blue or yellow would brighten up your house, think again.  Choose neutrals!  Use your landscaping to add color.

2.  Garage conversion.  Sometimes people look to add square footage to their home by enclosing the garage.  It seems logical because it is already framed and covered by a roof.  While this can fill an immediate need, it could hurt you in the long run.  Most buyers are looking for a garage.

3. Adding a Hot Tub.  While a hot tub seems so luxurious – don’t do it!  Prospective buyers may regard this as an eyesore at best, a breeding ground for bacteria at worst.  This can be a big turn off to people with small children because of the safety concern.

4. Two room combination.  Need a bigger room, and want to knock out a wall to get one? Not a good idea.  A three bedroom home is much more desirable than a two bedroom home with one extra large bedroom.  If you want to expand your master suite, consider going out, not in.

5.  Leave brass in the past!  Today there are so many options for light fixtures, faucets, cabinet knobs, door knobs.  Visit Pinterest and you’ll get more ideas than you can handle!!  You will notice that none of these options are shiny yellow brass.  While gold is making a comeback, get the brass out!

Need a professional to come look at your house and see what they recommend you fix and not fix? Give us a call (251-929-2150) today.  The Realtors at Ashurst Group will be happy to give you a free consultation on what will help your home sell more quickly and for more money.


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