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We Love these Ideas – 5 Disguises for your TV | Ashurst Group

Whether we like it or not, for most of us,  TV’s are a part of our everyday lives.  Although they have definitely become more sleek over the years, they have most definitely grown in size.  Here are a few ideas we found that will help you fit yours into your décor.

1.  A Gallery Wall – If you mix in the TV amongst other frames artwork or photos, it can just become another  “square” in the gallery.


2. Behind Folding Doors –  It is sometimes the only option to hang your TV over the fireplace.  It is sometimes a logical location because it is the focal point of the room.  But, for those times when you don’t want it to be the focal point, here’s a great idea.


3.  Hide it behind a piece of artwork –  While this is a little more complicated than other options, it is an option.  If you’re super ambitious and handy, the artwork can be placed on a track that can be controlled by remote.

Gallery Wall

4. Hang curtains that will cover it.  Another way to conceal the TV when not in use it to hang curtains on a rod that spans the width of both sides of the TV and the screen itself.  This is an easy way to create an illusion of a full wall of windows when the TV is not in use.


Let us know which one is your favorite!


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