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WANTED – We Need Your Home!!! | Ashurst Group


Are you thinking about selling your home?  We need your house!!! The Realtors at Ashurst Group want to let you know the housing trends for 2016.  We hope it will encourage you to want to list your home with us.

1. Housing prices will increase. According to RealtyTrac and other sources, home prices reached highs in 2015.  This will most likely carry over into 2016.

2. Credit will be easier to get.  Americans who have had a hard time qualifying for a loan in the past will be eligible due to changes in housing regulations.  Due to a new bill that has been introduced in the House of Representatives, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be able to consider different credit-scoring models when determining what loans to purchase.

3. More first-time buyers will be looking for a house.  Because of better access to loans, more first-time home buyers will be able to purchase their first home.

4.  Sellers have the advantage.   The biggest problem the 2016 market faces is low inventory, which is always good news for the seller.  Whenever inventory is low, prices go up.  You could even get into a bidding war – how great would that be?

For all these reasons, it is a great time to list your home.  If you are interested in talking with a Realtor, give us a call 251-929-2150.  We will be happy to meet with you and walk you through the selling process. Click here to get a free Home Evaluation and see what your home is worth.

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