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Looking for a house that rocks?  We found one!  This house was built between two giant boulders in Portugal. It is completely fireproof and windproof.  The walls are formed of mortared masonry and the roof is concrete tile.  This one should seriously qualify for some reduced homeowners insurance!


Remember the story of the little old woman who lived in a shoe?  Well…… if the shoe fits! This three bedroom, two bathroom house was built as an advertising gimmick by a shoe salesman in Pennsylvania.  It is over 60 years old and has endured over the years thanks to some tough stucco.


Welcome to Wyoming!  This ‘cowboy mansion’ consists of twisting staircases, oddly shaped rooms, and multiple balconies.  It was built with locally harvested logs and salvaged building materials and towers above the plains.


If you can’t tell, this home is built with glass and mirror.  All I can say is – I don’t like cleaning either! What were they thinking?

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