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Top Five Coolest Father’s Day Gifts | Ashurst Group

Father’s Day is this Sunday!  If you’re like me, you haven’t had time to put a lot of thought into what you’re going to buy.  One of the main reasons I put off purchasing a gift for my dad or husband, is because I simply do not know what to buy.  How many ties, shirts, Lowe’s or Home Depot gift cards can you give?!?!

Today I saw a great article featuring some of the most creative and fun Father’s Day gifts I’ve ever seen.  It was a Forbes magazine article featuring 32 of the best Father’s Day gift ideas and they have all been featured on the TV show Shark Tank.  All 32 are pretty neat, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5.  See what you think.


1.Coolbox Toolbox – The “world’s smartest toolbox” also double duties as a cooler. It’s built with Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, USB power outlets, cell phone and tablet holders, a whiteboard, wheels and detachable LED light fueled by a rechargeable battery. The front features a bottle opener.  These retail for about $250.00.


2. Extreme Sandbox – This one may not be available around here, but it looks like fun!  Fulfill dad’s childhood dream of operating real construction rigs at Extreme Sandbox –a top-rated adventure attraction in Hastings, Minn. and Pottsboro, Texas. Highly trained expert instructors guide guests through the 10-acre “sandbox” and help them use an excavator or crush a car. A Father’s Day “Triple Play” package costs $395 and includes 30 minutes on three pieces of equipment each: excavator, bulldozer and wheel loader.


3. Drop Stop – You know that gap next to your car seat that eats cell phones, french fries, keys, credit cards and more — swallowing them into the unreachable netherworld beneath your seat? Drop Stop blocks that gap in all cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Drop Stop costs $19.99 for a set of two.


4.  Phone Soap – This one is just super practical for most men, especially if they happen to be a germaphobe.  Phone Soap, $59.95, charges and cleans phones at the same time. The company claims the UV sanitizer the kills 99.9% of bacteria.


5. IllumiBowl – Ok, this one is weird, but it is fun!  This motion-sensor night light sticks to the side of the porcelain throne and lights up the inner bowl in a rainbow of colors. It can be set to one of eight colors or auto rotate “to make your potty a party.” The patent-pending device sells for $19.99 and comes with a 100% life-time guarantee.

Click here to see the full article.

From all of us at Ashurst Group – We hope all you father’s have a happy Father’s Day!

If you’d like to get a little adventurous and buy your dad or husband a  house for Father’s Day  – we can handle that! Visit our website and start looking!

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