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Things You Absolutely Should Know Before Buying A House | Ashurst Group

Which is the house for me-

Buying a home is not a simple task.  There is a lot that goes into buying a house.  It’s not just finding a house that you like that you think you can afford after you have done some simple math.  Each week we will look at different aspects of buying a house that you should take into consideration.

1. Think beyond the life you have today when purchasing a house.  Purchasing a house is one of the bigger financial commitments you will make in your life.  Before you decide what you think is the perfect house for you right now, consider what your plans are long-term.  Will you be at your current job for more than a couple of years? Do you plan to get married? Do you plan to have kids? The other side of this coin is – Are you getting ready to retire in a few years?  Are kids grown and will be moving out in the next few years?  Depending on the market and the type of mortgage you get, you may not actually build any equity in just a few years.  So, if the house you are considering will not work in a year or two, look a little longer.

Need help? The Realtors at Ashurst Group have years of experience and would love to share it with you.  Give us a call!  251-929-2150 OR have a look around our website.  Every house on the market from Bay Minette to Orange Beach is here.


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