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Five Home Improvement Projects that Won’t Break the Bank | Ashurst Group



Sometimes we need a boost to our home, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.  Here are a few ideas that will go a long way, but won’t break your budget.

1.  Paint the front door – A new coat of paint on the front door will definitely freshen things up.  Find a color that compliments the exterior and adds a pop of color.

2.  Update kitchen or bath fixtures – A new light fixture can add a whole new dimension and look to a room.  Or, consider changing out the faucets.  This can be done even on a tight budget if you shop around.

3.  Change the cabinet hardware – There are so many fun and decorative hardware to choose from.  This one simple change can make you feel like you have new cabinets.

4.  Paint a piece of furniture – Consider painting a chair, a bookcase, a nightstand.  That pop of color goes a long way.

5. Upgrade your house numbers –  Adding house numbers or an address plaque to your house can make a small but noticeable difference.  The right style can really add to the curb appeal.

As you start your home improvements, check with a realtor before investing big bucks.  You want to make sure you don’t spent more money sprucing up the house than you will be able to recover when you decide to sell.  Let the Ashurst Group guide you along the way.

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