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Did you know? – The Oligodynamic Effect | Ashurst Group

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Did you know that the reason that metals are used in door knobs is because they kill bacteria that can cause infection?  I didn’t!  It turns out that there’s a scientific name for this – the oligodynamic effect.  There is a toxic effect of metal ions on bacteria.  This is especially true for silver, copper, brass, gold and aluminum.  Lots of infection can be spread through doorknobs, but a brass doorknob can actually disinfect itself.

As it turns out metals are quite poisonous to bacteria.  Copper, copper alloys, and silver are the most potent.  That is why stainless steel and aluminum are used in swimming pools and spas.   Silver is able to render stored water drinkable for several months.

Just a little real estate trivia for you this Monday before Fat Tuesday.  Laissez-les bon temps roulez!


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