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    4 Modern Ways to Improve Your Rentals

    Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

    Leave a Detailed House Manual

    Appliances, thermostats, doorbells, all are becoming more modern. With these amazing advancements come confusion. Putting together an easy to read yet detailed description of your property devices. 

    Add a new technology

    Update something in the home that has a smart component. Get your rental a smart home controller, or a video doorbell, even smart lights can give your property that new modern feel that can excite interested, potential tenants.

    Update the Kitchen

    or any value-driven portion of the property. This is the costly improvement, but it improves the value of the home more than adding smart tech. If you have time and the budget, consider making the upgrade.

    Adjust Your Rates

    Time to renew…increase rent because that’s what you have always done, right?

    Wrong, stay in tune with your neighborhood. Get comps and use them to adjust your price accordingly. The one thing that hurts rental property most is vacancies. Use the tech at your hands and let potential tenents see why your rate is justified.

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