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#3 Use a Trusted Realtor | Ashurst Group


A common misconception in real estate is that if you don’t use a realtor to buy a house, you can save paying the realtor commission and therefore, save money buying a house.  Remember, only the seller pays the commission, not the buyer.  You are going to pay the same price for a house that is listed with a realtor whether you use one or not.  You just won’t be represented and the other realtor will get both sides of the commission.  A good realtor who is working for you can protect your interests throughout the buying process.

There are good realtors and great realtors.  Make sure you find one who has been in the business a while and is knowledgeable about the market.

At Ashurst Group, we pride ourselves on being realtors who make a difference.  We want to help you in this process.  Give us a call 251-929-2150. Or check out our website,

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